About us

Our Founders

Secret Base offers thoughtful design, supplies and materials, and one-of-a-kind offerings just for you. Good design enhances the spirit, from the small everyday objects to pieces you will enjoy forever. Our collection includes contemporary puzzles, clothing, art and other objects d'awesome for all. 

Our actual location is classified, but it is somewhat known that the R&D lab is hidden in a nondescript bunker cleverly hidden near a burger joint somewhere in Austin, Texas. We're led by a rogue group of visionary artists, designers, and craftspeople dedicated to unique design, expert craftsmanship, and forward-thinking manufacturing processes. We thank you for participating in our experimentation. 

Secret Base also carries our own unique pieces designed and developed by BJ Heinley in Austin, Texas studio with a talented and dedicated team of craftspeople. 

(512) 850-5150 / hello@secretbase.com / @secretbaseofficial